a diverse network

of professional creatives who work in art and media

Luca Pedrotti

Project manager/creative director

A terrific creative mind capable to give form to your ideas into awsome communication.

Laura Veronesi

Illustrator/Graphic & Web Designer

Always keeping an eye out for a fresh point of view she’ll surprise you everytime.

Roberto Abbadati


Food as communication. Expect extraordinary means for exceptional results.

Davide Franzoni

Video director as Video-Maker

Intuitive, fast and very focused on the concept he goes for quick catching sequences.

Francis Cancarini


Excellent, versatile and original: his fresh personality gives to every work the right twist.

Francisco Huguenin Uhlfelder

Social networks expert/Creative director/Fashion entrepreneur

Sharp, fast, sophisticated mind finds original solutions in every corner.

Thomas Colombo


Passionate with flair he doesn’t just make cocktails, he’s an alchemist.

Rafael Beck

Art director/Film maker

Imaginative mind he works with graphics, photography and film.

Giovanni Ferrario


Guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer he has been trading the boards of twenty years.

Arlette Schneider

Fashion Consultant

She invests passion on every task and loves being faced with ambitious assignments.

Maria Zanolli


Passionate and enthusiast she catch poetry everywhere she looks.

Hans von Schröder

Graphic Designer

Young and crisp he’s always experimenting and up to date with the freshest approach

Alexander Hollander

Producer & Promoter/Art curator

Assertive and proactive he’ll tag along to every project till success

Alessia Rubagotti

Stylist & Fashion Editor

Art and vintage lover she’ll sprinkle a touch of drama on everything she set about.