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an involving network

contaminating your ideas with ours and vice versa


We are social collective! We would love you to work with us and to join our network. Contribute and share your ideas and your passion with us and vice versa.

What the hell is all about?

llot statement
practical wannabe llotter handbook

So you love the network and would like to join uh?

As you might have realised by now llot  encourages collaborations and contamination between creative disciplines, therefore to be officially in we need to work on a project together.
Consider it an initiation ritual, an occasion for both parts to get along and  to guarantee a smooth and excellent workflow and have llots of fun.

Guidelines :

  • The project proposal could come from any llot member as well as from you.
  • Any project is welcome as long as it involves you and at list one other member of the network.
  • The project will figure as a llot project and of course full credit will be given to each participant.
  • The project  will be showcased on llot website and naurally can be featured on the participants individual portfolios
  • The network oversees every project to make sure it meets quality and integrity standard to go by as llot project.
  • Any discrepancy will be discuss and eventually solved during the creative process.
  • Transparency is guaranteed and expected.

This in sums is the next step, please get back to us for any doubt, request or suggestions.

Interested on going ahead? start sharing ideas. ^__^

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